We’re back at it, this time with the freshly released Google Pixel 8 Pro!

I did what I always do, purchased a phone and immediately pulled out the Opple Light Master to do some PWM tests of the phone. All the posts online about the phone having a 240hz pwm frequency did not leave me very hopeful but to my surprise, upon first test it was 485hz as confirmed with the Opple Light Master and a 1/12000 video taken on my iPhone!

Later in the day I decided to run some tests again to post opple graphs online and to my surprise it was now 240hz PWM! I ran the tests over and over and over again with various settings to see if I could somehow get the 485hz pwm rate back. After a few hours of testing and no luck, I thought perhaps the 485hz was a fluke. Another member in the LEDEyeStrain telegram brought to my attention that he measured a Best Buy floor model earlier and also got 485hz pwm frequency. I had just remembered that there was an “update” shortly after I unboxed and set it up which brought the Security Patch to October 5th.

Scrambling with android flash tool to try to install older builds to see if I could track down this 485hz pwm I failed over and over again. Finally I tried the Verizon Build (shown below) and to my surprise it was back at the September Security patch and back at 485hz pwm!

Whether or not this phone will be good for my eyes at either frequency is yet to be determined however I will report back my findings over time! So far the phone seems ok at 485hz PWM with mild symptoms after 30 or so minutes.

On a side note the coating seems to be coming off fairly easily with the phone just being slid in and out of my zipper pockets.

Before first OTA update to October 5th Security Patch. Video shows Pixel 8 Pro on the left and Pixel 7 Pro on the right. 100% brightness.

After first OTA update to October 5th Security Patch with 100% brightness.

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